Saint Joseph State Hospital

In 1872, the Missouri General Assembly approved the creation of a second state asylum, and a location east of Saint Joseph was selected. Saint Joseph State Hospital began taking patients in the mid-1870s. The institution was originally known as State Lunatic Asylum No. 2.

A fire damaged much of the Kirkbride building in 1879, but it was repaired soon after and re-opened in 1880. The hospital moved in 1994, and the original campus is now home to a state prison. The Kirkbride was partially demolished and what remains is part of the correctional facility.

The Glore Psychiatric Museum, named for founder and long-time state mental health worker George Glore, can also be found on the original hospital campus. The museum is dedicated to the history of treating mental illness. It's located at 3408 Frederick Ave. in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Other names for this hospital:

  • State Lunatic Asylum No. 2
  • Missouri State Hospital for the Insane


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