Glossary of Terms

Below are definitions for certain terms used on this web site. Note that these are the definitions for the terms as used here and that they may have other meanings as well. More definitions will be added from time to time. If there's a word or phrase you're not familiar with on the site that isn't defined here, please let me know.

Architectural Terms

An enclosed projection above the roof of a building. Most often used for ventilation or to let light into a structure.
A drawing representing the front, rear or side view of a building. Also sometimes used to describe the actual front, rear or side of a structure.
A style that originated in medieval France and was revived in the 18th century. Characteristics of Gothic architecture include pointed arches and an emphasis on verticality (tall, thin windows and numerous spires for example). Many Kirkbride buildings were designed in a Gothic (or to be more precise 'neo-Gothic') style.
National Register of Historic Places
The official list of cultural resources in the United States that are worthy of preservation. Also known simply as the 'National Register'. The term is also sometimes used to described the organization responsible for maintaining the list. (web site)
A style derived from the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. Characterized by the use of columns, triangular pediments, and symmetry. Kirkbride buildings built in this style usually have columns and a triangular pediment at their main entrance and a large dome over the administration section.
pointed brick/stone
Masonry that has been filled and finished with cement or mortar.
A round structure or a round room within a building.
The division of land into two or more lots for the purpose of sale or building development. Also used to describe a group of plots originating from the division of a larger tract of land.
A small tower projecting from the wall of a building.
A part of a building that projects off one side of a central part.

Psychology & Medical Terms

A person who is usually drunk. An alcoholic.
An area for the treatment of the physically sick or injured
moral treatment
A treatment of mental illness based on humane care and moral discipline. Originated in 18th century Europe and in favor for most of the 19th century.
The head doctor and chief administrator of a hospital.
A division of a hospital building used to house one class of patients. In a Kirkbride hospital, one floor of one wing section was usually considered a ward.

Other Terms

A place established for the support of the aged or disabled poor
The official term for the U.S. states of Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia
forced ventilation
Moving air throughout a building by mechanical means.
An elected group with the power to make or change the laws of a country or state.