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March 10th, 2013

Project Kirkbride

Christian VanAntwerpen had an idea recently to photograph “every inch” of the Fergus Falls, Minnesota, Kirkbride for posterity, and is now working to make his idea a reality. Christian has gathered a group of about forty photographers and cinematographers who plan to photograph the entire building together this year. The end result will be an interactive website that’ll allow anybody anywhere in the world to explore every corner of the Fergus Falls Kirk.

Such an ambitious project will undoubtedly cost a bit of money, so the group set up a Fundrazr page to help offset the cost. Please take a few minutes to check it out and consider making a donation: Help Us Completely Photograph the Fergus Falls RTC »

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  1. Samantha Radermacher September 15, 2013, 1:12 pm

    To whom it may concern,

    I am a beginning photographer looking for oppertuniies to put my skills to work. I would love to help out with shooting the building for you to put on your website. I have visited the hospital before as a class project and fell in love with the place instantly. It has such history and so many stories to tell. Also I was interested in knowing if it was possible to hold my own photo shoot in the building as well. it would only be me and one other model and I would really be greatful to have my shoot take place there. Please contact me at my email address above and let me know if you would like my help in your project, and if I would be able to complete mine there as well.


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