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June 2nd, 2008

Chinese Delegation Visits RTC

Fergus Falls State Hospital
A delegation from China visited Fergus Falls last week to inspect the RTC Kirkbride building. In case you don’t know, they’re considering using the former RTC for a Chinese language and business school.

From what I’ve heard there weren’t any dramatic or surprising developments during the visit. But things appear to have gone well and the tone in the local media is optimistic. Below are links to some related articles.

1) Group from China Sees Fergus Falls RTC Site
2) Education Partnership Forged
3) Hunan Visit a Success

And to further add to the optimism, a provision to support reuse of the Kirkbride was passed in the Minnesota state legislature last week: RTC Provision Approved during Successful Session.

I would say things are looking good for this Kirkbride. The building’s in great condition, there’s strong popular support for its preservation on both a local and state level, and there’s a feasible reuse plan that doesn’t appear to be facing any insurmountable obstacles. Nothing’s been finalized yet and there’s a chance things won’t work out with the Chinese, but I think cautious optimism is in order.

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