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Worcester State Hospital Architect

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Worcester State Hospital
Even though I’ve read in several sources that Ward P. Delano designed the Worcester State Hospital Kirkbride, today I learned that is untrue. The actual architect was George Dutton Rand. You can read all about him in the third letter to the editor listed on this page at the Preservation Nation web site.

I just wanted to point that out since I’ve been spreading the Delano lie on this site for years. Even more embarrassingly, I also did so in a comment on the original Preservation Nation article which inspired that letter to the editor — although in my defense, the original article listed Thomas Kirkbride as the architect and I was trying to dispel the common misconception that Dr Kirkbride personally designed all these buildings himself.

Bryce Sale Approved

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Bryce Hospital Kirkbride Building
Just before 2009 ended, Alabama’s board of mental health approved the sale of the Bryce Hospital campus to the University of Alabama. The university will pay $60 million for the property and Bryce Hospital will move to a new location within Tuscaloosa. According to the Associated Press, UA has “indicated it will maintain the nearly 150-year-old main building, which opened in 1861. The white structure is expected to be used by the university for office space and maintained as a museum.” Read more here: Sale of Bryce Hospital to the University of Alabama Approved.