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The Danvers Room

Friday, August 17th, 2012

The New York Times published an article Tuesday about John Archer’s eclectic house in Danvers, Massachusetts: Scrap Mansion. For those who don’t know, John Archer probably did more than anyone to try keeping the Danvers State Hospital Kirkbride intact. Though his mission to preserve the entire Kirkbride wasn’t ultimately successful, Mr. Archer was able to salvage several reasonably large pieces of what was torn down and have them incorporated into a new wing on his home.

The slideshow accompanying the article includes a few photos featuring the “Danvers Room”—both interior and exterior. The exterior isn’t to my taste really, but it’s not bad considering the Kirkbride’s Gothic style doesn’t blend well with the rest of the house. I like the interior a lot though. You might notice a few familiar looking doors here and there. I’m not sure what else came from the Kirkbride, but there are probably a few other items not shown.

It’s good to know somebody who loved the building so much was able to incorporate pieces of the Kirkbride into their home. I’m sure those bits and pieces will be lovingly looked after.

Greystone Photo Album circa 1899

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Greystone Park State Asylum

You like old photos of Kirkbride buildings, right? Dumb question? Well anyway, I’m sure you’ll love these pictures of Greystone Park from 1899 or so. Somebody recently sent me the link to the collection which is owned and presented by the Morristown Library. Some highlights below.

  1. The New Jersey State Hospital
  2. Walks in Front of Hospital
  3. View of Male Wing
  4. Administrative Building
  5. Female Wing and Administrative Building
  6. Main Entrance
  7. Main Entrance (different than above)
  8. Corridor
  9. Manager’s Room
  10. Pathological Laboratory
  11. Medical Staff
  12. Fancy Dress Ball
  13. Amusement Hall
  14. Training School
  15. Chapel
  16. Alcove in Ward
  17. Ward Corridor
  18. Infirmary Ward
  19. Laundry
  20. Main Kitchen
  21. Boiler House
  22. The Park
  23. Distant View of Hospital

I was especially happy to see that these photos were from before the roofline was altered, and that there are a few interior spaces which look very much like they still do today.