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Buffalo Kirkbride Tours

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Buffalo State Hospital
Public tours of the Buffalo Kirkbride building have been scheduled for this fall! The one hour guided tours will take place on Saturday, October 15th; Sunday, October 16th; and Sunday, October 23rd. Email to make reservations and for payment and parking instructions.

I was lucky enough to take a semi-public tour of the Buffalo Kirkbride back in July. We were shown the basement and first floor of the admin, one floor each of two wing sections, plus a bit of the attic. I’m not sure, but from the description on the Richardson Center Corporation’s Facebook page, I gather that these upcoming tours will more or less cover the same area.

The interior is pretty much as impressive as you’d guess by looking at the exterior. I’m sure, like me, you’ve seen pictures of the inside before, but actually being in that space is something pictures can’t really prepare you for.  Most everything is on a massive scale and exudes a sort of robust energy, except for the main staircase in the admin curiously. It’s a really nice staircase, but it’s surprisingly modest compared to everything else. It was interesting too to see some of the interior preservation work the Richardson Center Corporation has been doing. It looked really good and in keeping with the building’s spirit. They still have a lot to do though.

Since taking the tour is a way to contribute to their preservation work, I really recommend it to any Kirkbride enthusiast who can make it to Buffalo in October. I’ll write a bit more about my own experience touring the Kirkbride on a later date, after I finally sit down and process all the pictures I took.